Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog for Love

When I started to post outfit photos and blogging, I received lots of comment. 90% off them are positive and 10% are negative. Sad but true, negative thoughts are always there. Some of them considered  my photos as 'funny jokes'. They don't understand the real happiness that I get from blogging. But thanks to my 90%  followers and friends that inspire me to continue on what makes me happy. Thanks to all blogger that inspire me to do the 'Art of Fashion'. Thanks to my true friends and best friends for always supporting and liking my post. Thanks to all the readers who dropped  by just to see my post. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Hope you will like my new outfit post. I'm wearing a Thrifted dress, Shoes by Primadona, Accessories from my favorite shop, Bag from Mom. 

I will BLOG FOR LOVE! Remember:To BE beautiful, THINK beautiful. (Your thoughts eventually show up on your face.)

Photo credits to Zeb