Sunday, February 5, 2012

New year kisses

Here are some of my photos that was taken yesterday at Capitol Hills. I can't wait to share those photos with you dolls especially my Valentine post. =D Happy Monday fashionistas! Have a great day.. 

DIY: How to make glitter shoes!

This is the second DIY I made for my readers. The first one is on How to make shorts from Old jeans. And I promise to make more 'DIY' this year. Yeepee! 

Ok let's start. I'd post a quick how-to for those of you wanting to DIY your very own pair of glittery shoes. There are many ways to get this look but here's what I did... 

You'll need: A pair of shoes that you want to glitter. Use either fabric glue or tacky glue. Glitter (I used the small red glitter) You'll also need a small paint brush.

All you have to do is use a small paint brush to apply a heavy layer of glue to a section of your shoes, cover them in glitter (pour it on over a piece of paper). Allow that section to dry and then do more and more sections until your shoes are completely covered in glitter! After you've worn them a couple times you might have to touch them up with more glitter. It really depends on the pair of shoes and how much they bend when you walk! Beware, glittering shoes is pretty messy. You'll be finding glitter everywhere for a week or two, but I think it's worth it! 

Tips: It can be difficult to get the details perfect, like going around laces, getting the tounge of the shoes and creating clean edges. Take your time and after you've finished the entire shoe and it's dry, go back and fix any details that you missed with more glitter! These are a little time consuming, but I finished a couple pairs in one evening. 

Voila! Do you like it? Try it dolls. Happy Sunday!