Sunday, March 4, 2012

Super late to upload

IMG_2665 e
IMG_2658 e
IMG_2655 e
IMG_2647 e

I hate my internet connection this past few days. It's hard to upload all my photos here via flickr. Am sorry for this super late post. These photos were taken at Camaya Coast last last month and I super love these shots taken by my friend Jeck. 
Happy Monday everyone! Promise I will organize my blog as much as I can. Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. 

Happy post!!!


When I published these photos on my Fb account, I received lots of comments and I dooooooooooo love my followers on Fb so much. They really like the way I dressed up. They called me "Fashionista" and they always asked me what do I get from it ..Well like my idol blogger said 'fashion isn’t something I take seriously. It’s just my way of fun.-denisekatipunera. Weeeeeee Am happy to continue my journey with you guys. . Again, thousands of thanks for all the 'likes' and 'comments'. I'm really, really, really happy to have sweet followers like you! Thank you and I hug you, one by one!
 Top: Night Market 
 Shorts: Thrift 
 Bubbles Necklace: borrowed from Bff Roxanne 
 Accessories: random 
 Bag: borrowed from Sis Jora 
Oxford: shoeetiquette