Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sittieinthecity meets denisekatipunera

I can hear my heart pumping,beating faster radiates into my chest and to my face.cold sweats,i can hear voices,am i hallucinating or just feel excited???Excited that something pleasant will happen.

Long before 
Miss Denise got married,I was her ultimate fan.
because of the way she dressed up,her smile EVERYTHING.
Even she got married and have her first child,I still follow her.
and to know that i'm going to meet her makes me feel uhm ahh ah,I don't know!!!! I'm NeeeeRRRRvvvvooooUUUUsssssEEE.

what will i wear for that special day,
what will i say,
what i got to do?
but i told to myself,RELAX.THINK.
I will be myself!AJA!

The time comes, as she enters into the coffee shop,as she greet me and say "hi".eto lang nasabi ko 
"ganyan pala boses mo?"haha.
and everything started there.
im happy, very happy to be with her.
Im amazed.
And I told myself that dreams really do come true..
ooops sorry for my pale lips. I envy Miss Denise's Red lips EVER! hahahaha