Friday, July 8, 2011

A Sweet Giveaway

I’m very grateful and deeply sensible for the things a had won, that for me it is not exactly entering a contest on internet but just a way of expressing my opinion towards dating. The question goes like this “Describe your most romantic date outfit.” 

and my answer “I’d probably get all nervous to meet the guy, so I would want to be comfortable and yet show a bit of who I am. I will going to wear a dress makes me feel pretty without showing too much skin. And a shoes that will make my legs look good and are comfortable to walk in because it’s always good to wear comfy shoes just in case he takes me on a wild adventure.” 

Then not expecting to win, I got a mail, then when I opened it UKAY MANILA STORE ‘you had everyone falling in love with your winning answer, Here’s hoping you won’t feel so nervous wearing the beautiful bohemian dress you won! Congrats, Sittie!’

My gratitude to UKAY MANILA STORE for this gorgeous dress and to Ms. Denisse Lozada for my fictitious H&M earrings from Hongkong. As I take pictures wearing this very comfortable dress and earrings makes me feel simply happy thingking I am blessed. Thanks a lot.