Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goodbyes are not forever..

Hey lovelies, I wanted to do an outfit post today but it seems I caught a bug and haven't been feeling too well. Aside from being a zombie for not having enough sleep after my 3 night duties, I’m not feeling well coz’ I have to say goodbye to my dearest mentor, my loving friend Zeb’ and It kills me a lot knowing that he will not be able to join us on my special day this coming September 14 because he has to work abroad. Ha! Saying goodbye to someone is the hardest part of all. But Zeb.. PLEASE ‘Be well, do good work, and ALWAYS KEEP IN TOUCH as you promise’..

 I ended up spending the day in my "lazy" clothes ‘shorts, extra large top and flats’. Its definitely a comfort thing for me. And oohh they are all thrifted! Ola Amigaz! Sorry if I look awkward in these photos. I feel like I need to sleep 24 hours by now.. So Baboohhh!!