Friday, February 3, 2012

I don't do fashion. I AM FASHION!

Hi dolls! See this post?? and you'll see what I mean! 
 BTW.. Everything this week feels just fine. I worked 8 hours,  5 times a week to earn 400php A DAY! Not bad compare to my 100php Allowance before. Haha. And oh..I am much better now. My feet doesn't feel painful even though I stand for almost 3 hours in one operation. I love my job even if it's hard to deal with my doctors sometimes. Hihi. Ola dolls! Let's get ready for the looooooong weekend! Lucky me for having a ONE DAY OFF. YES!!! 

Dress: Seen me wore here
Floral Blazer: Thrift.. seen me wore here
Yellow wedge: Celine