Saturday, October 15, 2011

Every Girl's Dream

1. Get kissed in the rain
2. Have that one hot kiss where you`re pressed against the wall
3. Have a guy that thinks you're the world
4. Have a guy that holds on as long as possible when giving hugs
5. A boy that whispers he loves you in your ear
6. Have that moment where you just gaze into each other's eyes
7. When you cry, he kisses your tears away.
8. When you're not with your guy he's all that you can think about
9. Wearing his jacket and everytime you breath in, his scent surrounds you
10. A guy who will watch any movie with you, no matter how teary eyed you may get.
11. A guy who squeezes your hand
12. A boy that says he loves you and means it
13. A guy that will play her favorite song outside her window
14. A guy who is loyal
15. A guy that will sing to you no matter how bad he is at it.
16. A guy that will kiss you on the forehead.
17. A guy that will call you beautiful or adorable...not hot, fine, or sexy
18. A guy that will never judge you for how you look.
19. A boy that says cheezy stuff to you just to make u smile
20. A boy that is the same when he is with you and when with friends
21. A boy that tells you everything honestly
22. A boy that is good with your family and introduces you to his family
23. A guy that will always let you win -- nah
24. A guy who stands up for you no matter who it is against
25. A guy who calls you at night just to say 'hi' and see how your day has been
26. A boy who tells you that your smile makes his day and makes everything better
27. A boy who will sit on the phone with you when you're sad, even if you're quiet
28. A boy who you can hangout and have fun with
29. A boy that will just randonmly call you for no reason at all, just because he missed you
30. A guy who will hold your hand through the roughest parts of life.

Floral blazer & pink for daytime? WHY NOT? ;) 

 Bag borrowed from bff 'teesai' ... Thank you AGAIN girl from all the chambers of my heart for these lovely photos =D

Gorgeous bangle from Cram- Cram Online Shop. Thanks Miss J.M!  Black ring from my friend Veth. Thanks girl =D 

 Dahlia shoes from shoeetiquette

Give Way to my Idol Bloggers ...

,Miss Lissa ,Miss Laureen.. and last but NOT THE LEAST ,Miss Denise


  1. woow I love the colors, your blazer is so cute!! And the text is so true!! Thank you for sharing this with us :)
    Good evening

  2. i like all the pictures of you in this blog. all the combination of what you wore defines your sexyness.

  3. wow love the shoes..can i ask where you got them? :))

    wild and fierce

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    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

  4. Great blazer, love it paired with that pink dress. Looks lovely on you.

  5. great outfit love your bag! thank you so much for your sweet comment really means a lot to me!

  6. i really like your blazer... i wish i can find something like that...

    It’s a GIRL Thing


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