Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I don't ask for a lot. No, nothing more than I need.
Cause I love what I got, don't need to play the lottery
I just want to be strong
At the end of the road, I don't want to hold on
I want the strength to let go

Lyrics from Sweet Serendipity by Lee Dewyze


Photos were taken at the rooftop of Green Kiwi Hostel, Singapore

I swear I AM NOT IN LOVE with someone special right now. The title talks about my life right now with my family, very sweet friends and best friends. I am in loved with my job. I loved the way my co nurses and doctors love and care for me. I love my readers who appreciate my blog post especially the previous one about food blogging at BNK Eat All you Can. I received a lot, as in A LOT of comments from my friends about it. They asked me about the foods, where it is located, how about the price and I discussed it inside the operating room while we have an ongoing operation. Nice ei?   The others chatted me, messaged me of face book and texted me. YAY!  And I just realized that 'oh they read my blog, they following my post' ahhhhh it feels good to my heart. And I'm starting to love food blogging too. Will post more of my food adventures soon with my very supportive bff Teesai. 

Happy Tuesday everyone. Stay Pretty.Satisfied.Happy.Inspired