Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dreamer never Sleeps BLOGSARY

Sooo… after 12 months and 170 posts, today, 6th of June finally marked the 1st anniversary of my "Dreamer never Sleeps" blog. A blog of a hopeless romantic girl who inspired by denishabeybeh's blog on multiply and dream to have her own blog here on blogspot

I started this blog with this post  and I just can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year already! It’s been such an amazing year and I got to know so many great people and beauty bloggers, who I consider to be friends. 

Thank you Bff Teesai for being such an amazing photographer of mine. She is not your usual professional photographer but  she was able to shoot  the intimate and emotive part of me. She's so patient with me especially when it comes to my outfit post. 

Thank you Bff Roxanne, my blog buddy, for being such a loyal friend, my mirror to my outfit post. Congrats to our blogsary, I hope we'll continue supporting each other.  

Thank you to my dearest Mom for supporting me with my passion. Thank you for the dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. Thank you for being such a proud Mommy. 

Thank you Lord for knowing more of myself than I do and for loving me as I am. Thank you Lord for the gift of family and friends. Thank you Lord when you believed in me, when I could not. Thank you for the gifts of life I see each day. I love you. 

 So from all the four chambers of my heart, THANK YOU. I’m really grateful to all of you who visit my blog, read and comment especially  to my Face book friends who consistently reading my blog and to my silent followers I do love you all. This blog wouldn’t be the same without you and I hope you’ll continue to visit as "Dreamer never Sleeps" grows.

And because I love all of my Facebook followers, let me tell you a 'good news'. I will be having my first blogsary giveaway this June. YES!. You heard it right. A sweet giveaway.  Am planning this for days. And I decided to tell you what kind of giveaway I'll be giving when I get back from Singapore. This is my first international trip. I want it to be special. So when I get back I have also a special giveaway for those people who support my blog and made my fashion year so precious. yay! Thank you sooooo much. I can't wait to share with you my sweet giveaway! Just keep in touch with my post.

Have a nice day!