Saturday, May 26, 2012

Photo Diary

weeeeew! Photo overload for this week's adventure with my partner, no other than bff Teesai. I'll post more of these photos SOON when this ache leaves my head. Arrrr!  

Hope your day is filled with joy! :-)
      ♥ Sittie

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Happy day

Just dropping by to say hi. I'm still alive. I wanted to thank all of you for continuing to visit this little blog of mine :) 
BTW I wore this yesterday together with HAM and BUN (my sis yesha and her bf dijei). We watched movie and had a coffee date.  I enjoyed this day  being a **chaperon** (hahaha). They are so sweet ayt?? 
Cheers for a happy couple. Love them both.   

Fetuccini and Moca Macadamia **happy tummy** . Thanks for the treat Dijei =D 

I would like to thank also my very sweet Mom for the **pasalubong**
*black aviator rayban
*Elf eyeshadows
*and many many moreeeeee
ooooh I love my Mom so much 

And before I say goodbye.. here are my photos at the gym. These are the proof that I am getting SERIOUS with my DIET. bow! hahahaha 

I hope to achieve the success I have been dreaming for. Cheers to a healthier future!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Give me some break

This week has been quite peculiar so far. I feel tired all the time. Restless. Timid. I can't seem to feel excited about anything. It seems life truly is just a river. Flows whatever the river-bed takes me. I guess it's just life getting the best of me. And maybe, being sleep deprived took major role too. I guess all I need is girlfriend time and a really good laugh with my closest ones.

Hopefully all of you are having a better week than me :)

flats: Solemate shoes
scarf: gift from Mom
photos were taken at Baguio City 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love the prints

It is weekend!
What's your plan?
Mine include cleaning my closet! 
I want to get rid of stuff that I haven't wear in the last 3 months. Just so my closet can have a little space to breathe :) BTW do you like the prints on my top? Coz' I do love them. Have a  great weekend lovelies!!!

top and bag: thrift
skirt: MINT
shoes: Solemates flats
accessories: genevieve gozum

Friday, May 4, 2012

The best milk tea in the city

I'm writing this blog for the newly opened oooyah branch at Balanga City (idon'tknow if there's any branch somewhere lol). Oh yes, im finaly trying the milky tea thing. A very refreshing milk tea on a very cozy and CUTE place with the combination of my two fave colors-BLUE and PINK makes my heart very happy. ooohhh I love this place. Now i'm enjoying the taste of milk tea. And here we found my bestfriend's favorite "sharks fin" and now i'm telling her that "japanese siomai with crab stick" is officially my favorite.  I love the every single details in this place. Thanks to my bff 'teesai' who brought me here. I feel like a baby on a crib drinking milk tea wearing an electric yellow top and flats. HAHA! Happy Friday everyone!

top and maong pedal: thrift
Yellow Shoes: from Mom
Bag: borrowed from Sis 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Worth the wait

When God knows you're ready for a commitment, He'll reveal the right person under the right circumstances.
Wait patiently. 
Don't waste time searching and wishing.
 Grow and be ready. 
You'll see eventually that God will give you a love story far better than you could dream of.