Monday, May 21, 2012

A Happy day

Just dropping by to say hi. I'm still alive. I wanted to thank all of you for continuing to visit this little blog of mine :) 
BTW I wore this yesterday together with HAM and BUN (my sis yesha and her bf dijei). We watched movie and had a coffee date.  I enjoyed this day  being a **chaperon** (hahaha). They are so sweet ayt?? 
Cheers for a happy couple. Love them both.   

Fetuccini and Moca Macadamia **happy tummy** . Thanks for the treat Dijei =D 

I would like to thank also my very sweet Mom for the **pasalubong**
*black aviator rayban
*Elf eyeshadows
*and many many moreeeeee
ooooh I love my Mom so much 

And before I say goodbye.. here are my photos at the gym. These are the proof that I am getting SERIOUS with my DIET. bow! hahahaha 

I hope to achieve the success I have been dreaming for. Cheers to a healthier future!

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  1. awww you look so cute in the first photo:) good luck with the diet! <33


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