Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Facts about Me..

Weee Today? A little bit sleepy this morning because  I woke up at 1 a.m and could not sleep until 4 a.m! Darn! Well, I need to share something a lil bit personal, yay 10 facts about myself!
Let's get it started :

1.             My hair color is Black and my hair is short. I love my hair color. Although sometimes I want to change the color into burgundy!
2.             I have a black eyes. And I’m using ‘clear contact lenses’ grade 12.5 in my left eye and 15.0 in the right.
3.             I have fear in Cockroaches.. FLYING COCKROACHES!!
4.             I’m obsessed with Shoes.. especially when I got it SALE!
5.             I love my Canon 50D.
6.             I love black and white color. Don't ask me why!
7.             I can't sleep without applying lotion all around my legs and arm.
8.             I have a Garnier and Victoria’s Secret collection
9.             I love music! Music can make me cry and laugh! I can't live without music.
10.          I never go out without blush on and lip gloss!

Well actually I have a lot to share with you lovelies, so..see yah all, till my next post!

Thanks God for today. Here are my sample ‘jump shots’. I’m inspired and happy to say that