Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday! ♥

Hello to all! Today is my Birthday. I turn 23 and I'm feeling great. This week so far has been extra special because of my mom and dad's present. I love them forever! =)) Thank you so much.
 I considered these photos as one of my favorite, because I was given a chance to take an outfit post here at a very special place 'Blue House"..  Blue house for a  Blue Dress. Blue Dress for the month of September. September means Sapphire. Sapphire means Blue that why I'm feeling blue. LOL  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and to all that are celebrating theirs this week. Sending hugs & kisses.

When I first saw this dress at the 'thrift shop' I fell in love with it already and I imagined my self wearing this lovely polka dots blue dress together with my favorite Dahlia shoes. I feel so happy because it fits me well and it is so vintage! I love polka dots.. =))

Thank you so much bff Teesai for this 'dream come true' photo shoot =)) Love lots!