Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy life is a thankful life

(Dress: thrift, Shoes: Thanks ate Den, Bag: Aldo, Accessories: random)

Saturday? HA! Am still on duty. Time flies so fast. Very busy week because of work. Can't do anything except WORK!. After work, time to get rest. :'( so tired of that routines. And now, I just stay at home. Not feeling so well because my ‘back aches’ =( and my feet says ‘I’m tired of standing for almost 5 hours and walking here and here for 12 HOURS! What the HECK! Sometimes I want to tell my Surgeon to ‘PLEASE STOP THE OPERATION FOR A WHILE! I’m tired, I’m HUNGRY! I’m thirsty and oohh please I need to pee? YAY!

 Anyway, do I look tired and exhausted in these photos?  Who says NO?? Please say NO! Do you Love my photos? Please say YES! Coz’ I AM SUPER IN LOVE WITH THESE SHOTS =)) I feel like I’m dying when I saw this place that’s why the pretty smile that you can see here was the proof of the real happiness =)) 

Have a Fabulous weekend Lovelies