Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eat and Run

"Eat all you can.. and RUN".... to burn all the calories and carbs that you eat. LOL!

Last week, Bff Teesai and I decided to drop by at exactly 6pm at BNK Eat All You Can in the City and experience the fine dining restaurant for dinner to celebrate our off duties and I think we deserve it. HA! I went with very little expectations but I was terribly shocked when I saw this place. I do not know that there's such a fine dining eat all you can restaurant in our city. I loved their combination of Filipino and Japanese foodI wasn't able to take a shot of Teesai's plate, though. After taking some pictures, we had some more plates, tasted some more dishes and had some desserts. We took off around 8pm and called it a night. (",)

If you're looking for something that tastes good and is relatively cheap for (200php only with unlimited drinks), especially if you're a big eater, then an all you can eat place may be just the thing you need. Yes I know this is BAD for my diet but please please bear with me just for tonight. Hahaha. 

BNK buffet is located at Capitol drive Balanga City Bataan 

Happy Thursday Everyone!