Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vacation Diary: Baguio City

Just some pictures from my latest trip to BaguioMy very first out of town trip this year.. Baguio City "the summer capital of the Philippines".  Ohhh I just miss the cool weather at night. I had so much fun there with my girl friends Roxanne, Teesai at Maloveth. I think my vacation with out them is booooring. And I would like to thank my bff teesai for these nice shots and for helping my to carry all my 'pasalubong' weighing 50kgs. HAHAHA. I miss you already guys. So what's our next destination??? 

BTW.. Hi dolls! Worry  not, I still have many outfit pictures waiting to be revealed :p

Be ready for more vacation outfit posts! :)
Enjoy your weekend, everyone..