Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy post!!!


When I published these photos on my Fb account, I received lots of comments and I dooooooooooo love my followers on Fb so much. They really like the way I dressed up. They called me "Fashionista" and they always asked me what do I get from it ..Well like my idol blogger said 'fashion isn’t something I take seriously. It’s just my way of fun.-denisekatipunera. Weeeeeee Am happy to continue my journey with you guys. . Again, thousands of thanks for all the 'likes' and 'comments'. I'm really, really, really happy to have sweet followers like you! Thank you and I hug you, one by one!
 Top: Night Market 
 Shorts: Thrift 
 Bubbles Necklace: borrowed from Bff Roxanne 
 Accessories: random 
 Bag: borrowed from Sis Jora 
Oxford: shoeetiquette


  1. Oh woww.. u look beautiful hon!!!! Yellow makes ur skin glow.. Sexy necklacee!!!n love ur look :)
    Follow each other? :)

    If you have time then please can you

    go to this

    it is for a Facebook

    Contest! Your one like cud really help

    me win! Please .. THank you :D

    N btw, my New post is up ..Hope you

    like it :)


  2. Great outfit =)


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