Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy trick or treat everyone!

Hi, dolls! How was your weekend?
It's Monday again. And hopefully no one is having a Monday blue.
Finally I have one quiet day staying at home just for relaxing! 

 Enjoy your Halloween trick or treat everyone. Here's my Halloween post for you!

Wearing my dream tassel necklace from Bubbles. Thanks to Tati =D

Dress: Thrift, Shoes: SM Cubao, Accessories: random 

HAHA! I love the way I smile in this photo 

I watched 'Praybeyt Benjamin' and I super love this movie of Vice Ganda =D

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes 'Lights Camera Pose'

We don't have a perfect light and a professional photographer to call these shots as 'photography' but two things are for sure: We have a DSLR cam (with tripod and remote control) and we know how to pose like a model LOL! 

two lovely ladies with me.. Roxanne and Gay =)) Smile Gorgeous! 

 Roxanne, Gay and Archiel practicing their pose =D

OFF CAM: Removing their make ups  using Garnier Make up remover =D 

OFF CAM: fitting my shoes =D Shoes: Primadonna 

OFF CAM: making some previous of their shots =D 

My fashion blogger buddy Roxanne of smallfrequentdressing 

They can't wait to see their photos. HA! Dimple is wearing 'turban using scarf' =D 

BTW.. we call our group 'NURSESSISTICS'  and our masterpiece for halloween party will be post here SOON! 

Friday, October 28, 2011


I am a family girl. I love spending time with my family. 
Friends are great. And I don't know where would I be without them. Definitely not who I am today. However, friends come and go. Some stays, of course, a handful precious diamonds that you rarely find, and you treasure them. Keep them in your heart and keep it safe, dear.

Still, let's be honest, if you happened to have an accident (not a big one, just some scratch here and there) who would you call? 
My answer would be my grandmother!
And when you're sick, and don't know what medicine to take, can hardly get out of bed.
Who would you call?
My answer would be my grandmother again! 
Hello, dolls!
Another random thoughts.. I feel like hanging right now.. don't know why! 
Wanna help me so 'SMILE' ??? Just Leave a comment here.. I'll be fine PROMISE! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There goes my Day

Eating.. playing with my camera.. WORK WORK WORK.. Photo outfits.. Party.. Coffee.. That's a cycle actually. Staying at home during off and working hard at the Operating room is my life. Operating room is my second home. Proud to be a 'workaholic' Nurse BOW. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Till we meet again

One way to replenish your stock of friends is to dig deep into your past. Rediscovering a friend with whom you have a shared history can truly be a treasure. Imagine reconnecting with someone who is familiar with the neighborhood where you grew up, your parents and/or siblings, or your college school teachers. Or perhaps, it is a person with whom you shared some firsts: First crush..  First embarassing moment, first true love. etc. 
Meet my girl and boy friends forever with denisekatipunera 

My girl friends and I spent last weekend for a get together. We had a blast, of course. Though we don’t see most of our old friends as often as we’d like, when we do get together, the connections still feel strong. We went to a Coffee shop  and there we enjoyed every single moment that we have. A lot of us stay in touch by text, Facebook, or e-mail. Our ties are tight. I really had a great time whenever I’m with them. Miss them already! =D

 Wearing a thrifted top and bangles from cram cram online shop

 Meet the three lovelies .. my three gorgeous sisters
 Meet my two blogger friends Roxanne and Aidnace. Bravo for their outfits
Picture perfect! with bff Roxanne of smallfrequentdressing

 Meet our long time idol Denise. She looks so gorgeous ayt? 
 And now meet Denise's cute baby boy Yllac and her loving husband Jayson =D 

Well I have to say that 'it's nice to have a friends like them. I had a fantastic day and it was a perfect day for me'. Till we meet again lovelies!