Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blogsary Giveaway: freebies from SG

Ola! I'm back! Fresh from Singapore

This blog is about sharing our experiences of staying Singapore from June14 to 19 and all the wonderful things we saw, what we did and the places we have been. In other words, our 6 day experiences! .My days in Singapore was full of excitement. Amazed in how they keep their place so clean, roads, the people, riding on SG MRT, buses ,road side shops,5 star hotels, lights, oh the FOOODEveryone is so disciplined and efficient. Till now I cant move on. I miss Singapore already especially the way the girls dressed.Dressed in mini skirts, most of them are in the dimensions of a perfect model.

Anyway, I will post more of my SG vacay photos SOON, but for now lets get back to our topic. My very first blog giveaway! Yeee! 

And as I promised, One lucky winner from my Facebook friends will WIN these cute and exciting freebies from SG.. Are you excited?? Lezzdodizz!!

Ok let's make it EASY because I really love you all :-) 

All you have to do is..

* LIKE my blog post on Fb HERE
*and leave a COMMENT "I want to win these cute and exciting freebies from SG, HAPPY BLOGSARY @sittie rainie limba (do not forget to tag my name)

And that's it..

I will announce the winner on July 5, 2012 via random org. Weeeee. Spread the love.
Thanks to everyone for their loyalty and continued support
For reading my weird thoughts. 
For browsing my photos. For my silent followers.
For all of you, for my 1st blogsary i hope you enjoy :-D
I’ll keep writing,and please you keep reading.

I hope this post made you super happy today =)