Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Enough

 photo 1_zpse2efa986.jpg  photo 333_zpsc03ea5bb.jpg  photo 444_zps5e27f310.jpg  photo IMG_4633_zps69b101bf.jpg

It is Thursday and we are halfway through weekend! Yippie..

have to admit that I have been such a lazy bum for the last half. I rarely took outdoor pictures and use my aunt's house as my  background set. But I promise I'll have more interesting backgrounds on the next post :) BTW, How is your week so far?  Mine is quite well despite the headache. Rarrrrrr.

On a positive note, I'm thankful enough for these gifts that I received from the most gorgeous Moms in the world, Miss Denise Lozada (floral top) and Sarah Alconcel (skirt). I am a lucky girl. Thanks a bunch!