Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is what I want

... for my birthday.  But if I can't get any of these "things", I'll settle for some 'Lowla's home made Crispy Pata. Oh and Pasta too. Me love pasta =)

1. Bangles from F21
2. A Maxi Dress (am always dreaming for this one, But I think my chubby shoulders will not let me to wear one)
3. in2it long lasting lipstick (I want to try if RED lipstick will make my lips more lovely)
5. Bruno Mars Hat or a Floppy Hat
6. Clutch Bag
7. Green Contact Lenses
8.Feathered Earrings
9. False Eye Lashes
10. MAC eye shadows
11. New lens for my Baby CANON
12. Tassel Earrings 

...And Mom just called, lucky 7 and 9 GRANTED! HAPPY BER month to everyone! 

Some ONE is turning 23 SOON! =)) Excited much! 


Here's part 3 of my anniversary giveaway!! I am VERYYY excited for this shoe brand and I'm sure you are too! :) For everyone waiting, here it is!!! Thank you to the lovely Ally Duazo of Gold Dot for sponsoring this!! :) 

...... Excited MUCH!! ...... This is a perfect gift for my upcoming Birthday on September 14 'hihihi'.. I wish I wish to all Fairies and Fashion Goddesses, 'make me the Lucky One'  =)) crossed fingers and toes! .........