Thursday, August 23, 2012

My photo Diary via Instagram

Katas ng Sahod heheh ;)) I bought these accessories for only 80php!!!! Yay!!!! Last night at #mcdonalds.. Crispy twister fries and Giant coke float #happytummy Pretty Once upon a time...... Ukay buddies ;) @vethzhy and #archiel Newest addiction... I love Zombiessssss Most of our Ukay are branded ;) bili na!! Ukay Saudi invades Lamao,Plaza Batang Ukay My daily vitamin ;) After 2 sleepless nights.. Hello eyebags Dahil love kita, Hati tayo hihi ;) Now playing: I don't want to fall And I'll pray that someday you will wake up in my arms and love will never end Milk tea makes me happy ;) They are all packed for tomorrow's opening of Katas ng Saudi at Lamao,plaza. See yah! Thank You Lord for this day.. NP: The Scientist

Take chances. 

Tell the truth.

Date someone totally wrong for you. 

Say no. 

Spend all your cash.

Get to know someone random.

Be random. 

Say I love you. 

Sing out loud. 

Laugh at stupid jokes.



Tell someone how much they mean to you.

Tell a jerk what you think. 

Laugh till your stomach hurts.

Live life. 

Regret nothing.

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