Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Before I die...

Seriously, I wanna do these things before I die!

Another Farewell party

Some say that the true measure of a good and real friend is the number of quality long relationships he has kept over the years. How many elementary, high school and college friends do we still have constant communication with? How many of them do we share our most memorable moments with? How great is the bond that even beyond distance and physical absence, the closeness still remains?

Two of my friends were celebrating their Birthdays as well.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE Nurse Chiel ad Nurse Veth =D

Another farewell party has been and gone. I try to ignore the brevity of the fact, that I soon would no longer occupy space with my friends abroad. The more parties I have, the more memories I can stuff into the beautiful-people suitcase of my brain. I don’t want to say goodbye, so I make it so there is one more day for us to meet, until eventually the plane will no longer wait and I run. You would think I would be used to the frequencies of goodbyes in my life. 

Proof of **HAPPINESS**

 And believe it or not.. I’ve been with this girl (the girl in red) for almost half of my life.  And now that she’s leaving abroad for good, I feel like I’m dying. I numb myself just to cope sometimes, and I hope my friends don’t see that as me not caring. I wish I could make use of the time, to tell my them how much I love her, how much I’ll miss her, and how much she mean to me. But I can’t. I can’t breathe this finiteness.  I hope that by the eternal farewells, they’ll just know that I’m struggling to let go. It is not goodbye, it is I’ll see you later. My heart swells with friends trapped inside who I can see later through a certain song, a wafting smell, or a secret joke.I'll miss you Sis! Take care!

On our way home! I am blessed and thankful to have my The-Nursessistic barkada still intact. I usually still meet up with them every time that I had a chance. As they say, true friends are hard to find, I’m glad I found a lot of real friends in my life.