Monday, August 1, 2011

Let There Be Sparks

Am a fashion blogger inspired by the great fashion Mom Denisekatipunerain loved by the fashion Princess Krizy Uyenvious by the fashionable shoes of Miss Lissakahayon, and Luvi’n the confidence of Miss Elisharon.

But now with my second month in blogging, I want to try something new, something different. The new and IMPROVED me!

In these photos, I am the MODEL, the ARTIST, the STYLIST, the PHOTOGRAPHER, the PHOTO EDIT0R. YEY!      

THANK YOU everyone for the encouragements in my previous outfit post :') As much as I love to blog for my friends and readers, I think it's equally important for me to actually enjoy blogging. This is my second month in blogging. I feel that I've reached the point where I think blogging is shallow and superficial. I know that statement sounds very hypocritical because I am a blogger. But what does blogging mean to you? What does it mean to me? Aside from taking outfit photos, buying the most coveted fashion items, getting freebies from sponsors and giveaways, what does blogging mean to us? 
I'll start. In the beginning, I thought blogging was about connecting with "fashionable strangers" from around the world. I considered some of these people my good friends even though I've never met them in person. It's also a place where I could share my personal style, get feedbacks from my readers and find inspirations from other people. But since then, my focus has shifted to buying new bags, clothes, and shoes in order to stay current and increase my readership number. Is that healthy? I think not. Women don't live by ______ (insert shoes, bags, clothes, makeup, alone. Bloggers who rarely show off their new purchases and like to remix their clothes earn my respect. I have yet to earn a respect from my self. Does my respect mean anything in the blogging world? Most likely not, but it means a lot to me. I really need to do some self introspection.