Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY cute shorts: How to make shorts from your Old Jeans

Out of boredom I made this shorts out of my old jeans. Nowadays I'm always wearing my leggings, dresses and shorts whenever I go outside and taking outfit photos. I’m sorry for my old jeans. I forgot them. So I decided to cut one of them so that I can use it everyday. 

Ok dolls I'll give you the step-by-step on how to make cute shorts out of your old jeans. 

Step One: Get what you need:
  • A pair of jeans (best bet would be going a size or so large. My option was a pair of old Jeans that I've had for about four years now. They're a size too big, I don't ever wear them
  • Measuring tape is a must (how else will you get even lengths?!?)
  • Good scissors
  • Pen/pencil to mark your cut line with.

StepTwo: Measure the length you want to trim it at. Best way to do this is to set up how long you want them to be for wearing, then add a couple of inches

(PS: Make sure you turn the jeans inside out to mark and cut them... if you miss your mark, you won't see the ink!)  

Step three: CUT IT! I choose to cut the ends and make some short tassle on it. But you can also fold the cuff for other option. 

Step four: You can add some personalized accessories to make it unique!

And voila! My old jeans looks so chic and fab! 

Happy Monday dolls!