Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Desert outfit posts?"

I've heard so many things about my friends who try to apply working in abroad specially in the middle east as a Registered Nurse and I'm frustrated and feel pressured about it. 
My mom and Sister were also a nurse, I guess it runs to our blood.I can say Saudi Arabia and she wants us to come with her and stay there for work. 

BUT the first thing comes to my mind, in Saudi can I wear want I want to wear??Will I still posts blogs?? An outfit post in the Desert?? Yay! In Saudi there's no PORK!hahahah.kidding aside. I can't imagine myself wearing those cover ups, a large, black cloak, worn either loose and flowing or wrapped around the body. Saddest part I can't show my flesh in there. hihihi. 

But at the back of my mind, in Saudi, I can work and save money to buy all my PLEASURES. And here’s the good news, Mom said there's a lot of thrift shop that awaits me there. hahaha. 

Today, i will try to focus on my job.Im thankful to feel free in doing things i love.Somehow i can manage myself in getting what i want.I know God has better plans for me, I'll wait, patiently wait for it. 

Anyway, coz’ we’re talking about job, here’s a classy Thrifted semi formal or corporate attire. Is’nt pretty for an interview? Ola Amigaz! Till the next post..