Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi Monday with love. I want to give you another food delight -- this time a Japanese restaurant in our City named ChikuZai. It is a modern Japanese resto and have been less than a year in operation. At first it seemed intimidating to enter the doors of Chukizai because it just seemed like a restaurant above the average budget. But we were wrong- the quality (taste and presentation) of the food served just compliments the price. It offers great selection of real tasty Japanese cuisine. The food is excellent and indeed, not over-priced. The service is extremely friendly and confident, the atmosphere really enjoyable.

 At first refreshing Iced tea was served 

The California Maki was good and soo is the wasabi -- not too strong but it has that kick in the nose when you eat it. Another reason why I love Chikuzai- I dont usually eat California   Maki but I loved their Maki so much.

Everybody loves Tempura! YUM! 

Their Pork Teriyaki is moist pork with Teriyaki sauce on the bed of steamed rice, the beef is so tender and tasty and is furthered enhance with its complimentary sauce. 

Their Ramen Noodle soup (I forgot the exact name haha!) can be a comforting meal on a cold night. 

My forever partner in exciting and delicious food trips adventure**bff Teesai**

Averaged around P300/person so not too bad for a Japanese resto with a good ambiance and good food! This is one resto that I'm going back for more... Definitely worth a visit! BURP!

And before I forgot, this is what I wore during the night of fun and happy tummy. My very first thrift electric blue polo top, necklace from Bubbles and my favorite black shorts (sorry for my huge legs- take note for the word Huge hehehe). Rubi shoes from SG and Bag from Mom. OLA! 

Hope I made you hungry by this post. BTW please do watch 'The Dark Knight Rises', another breath taking movie to watch. I promise you! 

Have a Happy Monday full of Love! 

Chikuzai is located near Beanery 2 Capitol Balanga,Bataan 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food Blog of the Day: Happy Tummy

Do you love to eat in the place that as if you're eating and drinking coffee at your own house?? Well this place is our place. SAVERDE. 
  • Very relaxing ambiance- checked! 
  • Refreshing smoothies- checked!
  • Perfect taste of a BEEF TAPA- checked and checked!
  • Butter Toast that melts in your mouth- checked!
  • Pita Bread with spicy flavor inside- checked! 
  • Happy tummy- checked and checked! 
Have a Nice Day and Happy tummy too ;)

SAVERDE is located somewhere in Abucay, Bataan 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On the Wings of Dreams

On the Wings of Dreams 
I'm flying free 
with a dreamer's dream,

556476_10150941868486483_1627946535_n (1)

To a land without fear, 
and doubt;

Where shadows and hauntings

of all time and space,

Are rainbows with colors 
that endlessly grace...



and all joys 
to embrace.

A land with no storms, 
without pouring rains,

where changes abound and great comfort remains;

Where all hate is replaced,

all questions erased;

Where new memories are shaped,

with wonderous light...
of romance and love, before out of sight;

A dreamland of heaven without jaded thought,

where butterflies are free,

their colors uncaught;

With milk oceans to see,

fresh air to breathe;

Countless flowers and trees,

fragrancing the soft whispering breeze.

No more webs of deceit,

where lovers have fought;

No battles of hopelessness,

where all love is lost.

Maybe our dreams 
hold the land of our thoughts,

Or maybe our hearts 
have learned lessons 
well taught.

It is the stairway to heaven,

this dreamland we seek...

Hopefully for all 
is more than a peek...

at a future end to the ultimate pain,

of great loyalty and 

lost and estranged.

This dance of life 
I endlessly write,
Is an end to the pain
and every soul's 

To a life fulfilled 
at the end of our time...
to dream second chances 
for new 
love we can find.

Here's to all of us 
ending our 
heavenly climb,


With the company of 
lovelight sublime.

~DaLady Dawn~

photo credits to Miss ysh abueg

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I don't ask for a lot. No, nothing more than I need.
Cause I love what I got, don't need to play the lottery
I just want to be strong
At the end of the road, I don't want to hold on
I want the strength to let go

Lyrics from Sweet Serendipity by Lee Dewyze


Photos were taken at the rooftop of Green Kiwi Hostel, Singapore

I swear I AM NOT IN LOVE with someone special right now. The title talks about my life right now with my family, very sweet friends and best friends. I am in loved with my job. I loved the way my co nurses and doctors love and care for me. I love my readers who appreciate my blog post especially the previous one about food blogging at BNK Eat All you Can. I received a lot, as in A LOT of comments from my friends about it. They asked me about the foods, where it is located, how about the price and I discussed it inside the operating room while we have an ongoing operation. Nice ei?   The others chatted me, messaged me of face book and texted me. YAY!  And I just realized that 'oh they read my blog, they following my post' ahhhhh it feels good to my heart. And I'm starting to love food blogging too. Will post more of my food adventures soon with my very supportive bff Teesai. 

Happy Tuesday everyone. Stay Pretty.Satisfied.Happy.Inspired