Friday, November 18, 2011

I feel so alone

I've been bad. I didn't update my blog, and I got too lazy to schedule posts. Sorry readers! I was thinking of you every step of the way, this week was much too stressful for me. My bff Roxanne just leave the country and went to Macau to try her luck. I feel so alone right now, my bff  for almost half of my life  left me =( I miss the times that we shared mirror to fit our dress, we shared make ups to retouch, I miss the times that I am the one who took her outfit post and she will took mine. I miss my blogger buddy. I miss my fashionista Fab! 

On a happier note, I still have nice friends who love me and care for me. Thank you guys! I always remembered what had Donnie  said on his comment on my previous  blog... 

"There will come a time that our friends will go out in in their own comfort zone to find what's in-store for them but one thing is for sure, that those memories that we have shared will never be left behind. Someday or somewhere our path will meet again."

BTW.. these photos was credit to her. 

Dress from Topshop (thrift), Aviator by Rayban, Bolero: Thrift, Shoes: A gift from katipunera, Rings: random, Tassel Necklace from Bubbles, Beads Bangles: SM cebu