Saturday, July 16, 2011

My weird Imagination

Ok today I’m not a fashion blogger, but a weird young lady with random thoughts. Am all alone with my laptop in front of me, thingking what to post.I feel my brain is empty, I’m not in the mood, I don’t want to clean my room even to comb my hair. Am A LAZY DOG! hahaha, when I’m like this, I use to think all the weird things on earth. Right now I imagined my self sleeping and everything turns into dream. I’m stocked! In a handsome guy’s brain and I had the opportunity to read all what he thinks, feel and dreaming about. Ok here goes my weird imagination.

He’s a loner a man who wants to be a cyborg.

 I think this man wants to be a member of Justice League that has the power to make fire in his hands and fly like a bird to travel the world to do what he wants WITHOUT LIMIT.

He wants to be a pilot of a Fighter Jet

He’s a man that can’t live without music.

Watching spongebob and cartoons on tv made his day

He likes adventure. And his ultimate dream is to try skydiving

He wants to go on a higher places to feel the magic of the wind, and to see the wonders of the world.

He wants to own a car or a big bike and plan for a long trip

He’s a techi person. He loves mp3 laptop sky camera ipod  but he does’nt own anything that has been said.

He wants to own a stun gun for self defense

He loves listening to mellow songs,  RNB, rap, alternatives, latin songs.

He loves the color of the blood, RED..

And oohh he was thinking a lot of beautiful girls right now, one of them named Isabelle Daza hahaha. Well according to him 'He's not a womanizer'. He's a good boy! Believe him! hihihi

So how weird I am?  Am a crazy?  For thinking  those pictures and the man in my dream? Well If a had the opportunity to make that handsome guy happy, I will grab it.. Hope I made YOU smile. =))

 Oh well random thoughts makes me feel dizzy. By the way here's the handsome guy in my dream. Perfect! That's him. hahaha

So that's it for today. Till the next post amigaz! success!