Friday, February 10, 2012

I will never, ever stop dreaming...

...of wearing a gown like this someday

...of having my own Clothes and Shoes Online shop walk like this wearing my thrifted dress

...of having a cute little pink car travel around the world with this Cruise 

...of holding his hand while walking in the street be like my Idol bloggers someday

...of having a Valentine date and bouquet of yellow roses 

...of having a closet that is full of fashionable shoes 

...of having a man who will love me for who I am and kiss me like it is the end of the world

...that someday I will going to marry the love of my life and lived happily ever after  

...of having a prince that will promise.. to 'Grow old with me' 

Black dress with MNG cardigan

I am not perfect, 

I am just myself. 

But as long as I am loved as myself, 

everything just doesn't matter.

Black dress: Seen me wore here here here and here
MNG cardigan: from Mom
Belt: gift from bff Roxan
Flats: Ukay Saudi