Sunday, September 25, 2011

Latest Obsession.. Feathered Accessories!

In the past fashion was nothing more than the clothing we chose to wear, today, the women”s fashion industry is not only clothes but fashion accessories for women as well. There are few women out there today who do not have at least 3 pairs of great shoes or a closet full of belts and course a jewellery box full of unique jewellery. Fashion accessories for women allow us to take an outfit, any outfit, and turn it into something that is completely our own.

Feathered Accessories are so in today, please fairy fashion goddesses let me have them! 

I will be the first to say

...I love getting gifts, it makes me feel good.

These two gorgeous hats are from my two loving best friends roxanne and teesai. I'm grateful and so blessed to have  them in my life. They know me inside and out. Thank you Lovelies for these hats. HA! I will love you both for the rest of my blogging life. LOL

  A sweet gift from a loving best friend  'teesai'

A sweet gift from a fabulous best friend 'Roxanne'