Monday, January 14, 2013

Hoping... Wishing... Praying...


          Life has been really weird, as in really weird and my mood swings are getting worse and random, and my insomnia is back, leaving me staring at my ceilings for too long with thoughts that are too solemn. Ok first reason why I am soo bothered lately, my contract has ended. Goodbye O.R. (operating room), goodbye friends… Hello to the word of Nanny.  Second reason was our “real nanny” resigned to work. So I don’t have a choice but to be Kim’s (younger sis) nanny temporarily. I hope it would be only “temporarily”. Third I want to get a job to earn money for my personal needs and wants but obviously my situation right now didn’t allow me to find one. The last reason was ‘I really don’t have a choice’ but to be in with this situation. Im still hoping.. Im wishing.. Im praying for me to think that these are all happened for a reason. For a Big reason. On a positive note, Momma always wanted us to stay happy. As a reward she gave me a new phone. Mom knows me so well, so rather than to think of negative thoughts, I smiled all the times and pray for peace of mind. =D I am forever thankful to God for all the blessings. I am blessed no doubt. 

 Dress: Thrift 
Shoes: Shoe Etiquette 
Accessories: Random 

 Photo credits to Bff Teesai (see more of these photo SOON)