Monday, February 20, 2012

After a short break

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...After that stressful post on Fb that made me a STAR (thank you mag asawang IPIS)
 ...After a short break on blogging
 ...After that bonggang Opening of 'Ukay Saudi part3' (thank you fashionistas for that almost SOLD OUT album)
 ...After that O.R tripping and photoshoot at Mt.Samat (thank you O.R ladies) ... then I noticed my self singing in the shower.. After that sailorman made my heart beats so fast..

I'm in love... Lalalalalalalalalalalala 

OLA dolls!! After a short break in blogging here I am once again.. Will post more photos SOON!
I miss you
I miss you
and I miss him
hihihi Love is in the air =D