Sunday, October 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes 'Lights Camera Pose'

We don't have a perfect light and a professional photographer to call these shots as 'photography' but two things are for sure: We have a DSLR cam (with tripod and remote control) and we know how to pose like a model LOL! 

two lovely ladies with me.. Roxanne and Gay =)) Smile Gorgeous! 

 Roxanne, Gay and Archiel practicing their pose =D

OFF CAM: Removing their make ups  using Garnier Make up remover =D 

OFF CAM: fitting my shoes =D Shoes: Primadonna 

OFF CAM: making some previous of their shots =D 

My fashion blogger buddy Roxanne of smallfrequentdressing 

They can't wait to see their photos. HA! Dimple is wearing 'turban using scarf' =D 

BTW.. we call our group 'NURSESSISTICS'  and our masterpiece for halloween party will be post here SOON!