Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Forever Sisters.. Happy Birthday..

On your special day today, let's recount the memories that we've shared in our childhood, hoping that our bond never weakens. You're my blood sister and nothing in the world can change that! Happy Birthday.

Sis, I hope year after year, you are bequeathed with all the joy, happiness, love, warmth, fortune and goodwill that the world has to offer. You deserve the very best and I pray to God to give you the very best in life.

 I love this band.. especially the guitarist in black hihi

More than being my sister, you've been my best friend and a mother figure to me. No one else can take your place in my life. I love you sis. I wish you tons and tons of happiness on your special day today. Again Happy Happy Birthday to you Sis! 

Here's what I wore last night at Nico's Grill Bar. We had fun together with good friends Jeck and Teesai. Thank you guys! Will post more of this outfit post soon.

Happy Sunday! 


  1. happy b-day girls! have a wonderful day, enjoy xxx

  2. ang cute ng smile nyo, you look alike.

    Happy Birthday kay sister ;)


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