Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here comes the.. Black!

NOTE NO.1 .. I'M NOT A MODEL. I do not have a sexy body or at least a petite shoulder and legs. But I feel not sorry with my baby fats (ok, they are not baby anymore) and with my LOGS, I mean LEGS coz' I know to my self that I'm a gorgeous lady who loves dressing up. And I'm confident to 'SAY IT LOUD! AND TO SAY IT PROUD! 

NOTE NO.2.. My photographer is not actually an expert in this field but she's trying to be one. Please bear with her shots. Hope you like it. Thanks bff teesai. Love you for a long time. 

NOTE NO.3..  I was the one who edited this photos at It was fun. The effects are cool. Again I'M NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO EDITOR so please bear with my wild ideas. 

OLA AMIGAZ! just sit back and relax.. and Enjoy my Masterpiece.