Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can you imagine my effort just for blogging??

Ok where do I have to start?
In this photos you can see my effort  just to blog. It’s ok if you started to laugh right now. LOL.

After a long night of mixed and matching of outfit, my room is a mess. Believed me.  And after that, I have to call my 'bff teesai' just to ask for a favor ‘to be my photographer of the day’ hihihi

I don’t have a car so I need to carry all my stuff and find a perfect place for photo shoot.

And oopss bad hair day? ‘OR cap’ to the rescue..  hahaha while eating breakfast at  Mcdonals, I don’t care if what others may say. I heard someone says ‘bakit siya nakasuot ng ganun?’ (why she was wearing a cap?) CRAZY ayt? hahaha anyway, It's my cap, I'm an OR Nurse. Hahahaha

Finally, retouched, changed of outfit, wear the heels.

EFFORTLESS?? Hahahaha.. But anyway here’s the result. Hope you will like it. BOW!

Photo credits to my bff teesai. Thank you so much girl for the effort. muahugs!  See more of this photos SOON .. goodnight everyone =))