Friday, May 4, 2012

The best milk tea in the city

I'm writing this blog for the newly opened oooyah branch at Balanga City (idon'tknow if there's any branch somewhere lol). Oh yes, im finaly trying the milky tea thing. A very refreshing milk tea on a very cozy and CUTE place with the combination of my two fave colors-BLUE and PINK makes my heart very happy. ooohhh I love this place. Now i'm enjoying the taste of milk tea. And here we found my bestfriend's favorite "sharks fin" and now i'm telling her that "japanese siomai with crab stick" is officially my favorite.  I love the every single details in this place. Thanks to my bff 'teesai' who brought me here. I feel like a baby on a crib drinking milk tea wearing an electric yellow top and flats. HAHA! Happy Friday everyone!

top and maong pedal: thrift
Yellow Shoes: from Mom
Bag: borrowed from Sis 


  1. Such a cute shop!!
    I wish I could try the milk tea.. :(

  2. I wish they will open a branch here in Iloilo :(
    I love the color, it's soft and attractive!

    Followed your blog :)
    Hope you can do the same!

  3. oooyah is suuuuper good ei?

    yllac has a photo on that pink chair too. he was crying, kamikha nya yung mga cartoons jan.


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