Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Black dress

After watching this Video of a gorgeous girl Miss Chrisellelim, I feel inspired and I want to make someone like this to also inspire my readers and followers and to test my Art for fashion. I hope I made it. So dolls I hope you will appreciate on how I made 5 outfits in my one Black dress. 

First outfit: Monday.. Ladies Prom Night 
'I wore my black dress with a black net cover up (to make it a fab long gown), style it with a black hat, silver earrings from Mom, black rings and my favorite Dahlia shoes by shoeetiquette'

Second outfit: Tuesday to do.. Attend Class
'To make it simple for every day class, I wore my black dress as a top and put a violet cardigan to cover my chubby shoulders, I wore this with my flitted yellow shorts from Primadonna, style it with my bronze necklace and Silver Oxford shoes by shoeetiquette

Third outfit: Wednesday to do.. Business meeting 
'I wore my black dress with floral blazer to make it formal, style it with a simple animal print bangles, polka dots earring and yellow wedge by Celine'

Fourth outfit: Thursday to do.. Lunch with the girls 
'I style my black dress together with my satin gray top to make it chic, I wore this with my favorite red hat and red flower bangle that you can also use as pony tail and my gray wedge shoes by Primadonna'

Fifth outfit: Relax! TGIF! 
'I wore my black dress together with my Mango cardigan, matched it with a simple belt and a bling bling from Mom, style it with a pair of black flats! Voila! A very comfortable outfit of the day'

I'll wait for your comment dolls! I hope I've done it well. Do I have the right to be a 'fashion blogger'?? Hahaha. Have a nice weekend everyone! 

**Hugs and Kisses to all Fabulous Ladies** 



  1. love all the ensembles! great job styling the lbd. everything looks so great! i especially love the ladies prom night. =)

    I Am Dollparts

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  3. Hi! You're from Bataan pala. Anyway, I have a question, what are your other interests aside from fashion? :)

  4. I am loving your outfits! :D I especially like the first and second. Great styling and you have really lovely pieces of clothing.. :) And yes, you have every right to be a fashion blogger! ;)

  5. The Friday Look is my fave!

  6. ur cap n frst dress .. very ncie :)
    btw New Post is up <3

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  7. Love your blog!
    xxx hugs from Milan!



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