Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tucking In?? Not bad gorjas!

Just  a quick snap shots with what I wore last Saturday with bff Teesai (asussual my best of the best photographer of the day, Thanks darling) ..

We went to ‘Italian Square’ ..our favorite pizza and pasta house since college. Hmmp I miss this place.  What I like about in this restaurant.. the ambiance was very relaxing and the foods are oh so yummy. Fish 
fillet and Carbonara are my favorite in there list. YAY welcome carbs!

Last Saturday night I realized, how about my top tucking it in? Sassy right? And I feel more sexier. As I grow older in the world of fashion blogging, I've learned to mix and match clothing. I thought 'tuck in' doesn't look good to me because of my large frame body. But tonight I feel so comfortable tucking in with matching belt that my bff Roxanne gave to me. 

One of my dream shots.. But sorry for the blurred photo LOL 

 Hello Kittty says Hi and Thank you for the 129 followers. Hoping for more! Sending hugs and kisses to all lovely ladies out there.. 


  1. awww i love these hello kitty flats! where did you get them??:)


  2. Hum sapatilha perfeita, eu ameei os eu look flor super linda adorei (:
    Tenha um ótimo domingo para você #:
    Beijos !

  3. Such cute shoes!! Loving them, xox

    Hope that you have had the chance to enter our giveaway for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!


  4. boy, those flats are cute ... i had fun browsing the pics, too!

  5. How cute! I love your hello kitty flats.

    Pasta sounds so good right about now too. I love pasta!

  6. hi there sittie!!! love your shoes!! so cute!!!


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