Sunday, October 9, 2011

A smile is the best make up any girl can wear

one of my favorite shots EVER! 

You can always see me with this pose. I love posing like this. HAHAHA

Quotation of the day: ♥ I sometimes feel a little jealous inside imagining someone could please you more than me. I guess it's my insecurity acting up a bit because i know i'm not the most beautiful, most fun, or even the most exciting person, you'll ever meet but I do know that no matter how hard and long you search you will never find a girl, who loves you and cares about you THE WAY I DO ..

 Don't let the lack of music stop you from dancing. Write your own! 

I love my Bff Teesai for this OHH SO NICE shot =D Hugs and Kisses to you beybeh 

I admit it. I'm not good with 'jump shots' HA! 

Thanks to my gorgeous bff roxanne for this floppy hat 

'Teesai' is such an amazing photographer!  She is not your usual professional photographer but  she was able to shoot  the intimate and emotive part of me. She's so patient with me especially when it comes to my outfit shots. She knows that I want atleast 50-100 photos per outfit. Thank you so much to my bestfriend, my Ukay buddy, photographer, my partner in crime, for my lovely photographs Cheers! :) 


  1. Love all these photos! So pretty!
    I think you did great at the jump shot! haha :)


  2. Lovely blog (: Thanks for following mine, keep on bloggin'. <3

  3. your outfit looks so sweet, i love those hello kitty shoes... m like the biggest hello kitty fan :P

  4. I love the title so true!!
    This red dress looks marvelous on you!! Really love it and I also think this shot is amazing all the pictures are so beautiful :)
    Good start of week

  5. You look really lovely with RED. ♥ and I am really in love with your Hello Kitty flats. I want♥


    Kawaii and Colorful World

  6. You have such a lovely photos :)
    thnks for dropping by my blog and i don't know if you followed me, yet i followed you :)

  7. you have the nicest smile!

  8. totally agree with the title :) very nice photos!

  9. very true! you are fabulous, sis!

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    It’s a GIRL Thing

  10. AGREE! and by the way.. I LOVE YOUR KITTY SHOES!

    check my new blog post!!!


  11. Great photos! Lucky you have a friend to take them for you. That red number looks awesome on ya.

  12. Great shots dear! u look amazing in red :) and such cute flats u have there!

    ps: thx so much for ur lovely comment on my post, really appreciate it! I'm following ur amazing blog now! Pls do follow mine too if u haven't already, it'll mean so so much to me! thx :)


  13. Hi there Sittie. Thank you so much for following my new and humble blog. I followed you back. OMG you're plump and pretty. I admire all the plump girls who rock their curves. love the outfit on you. I wish I can wear red. haha. great photos too. hope to meet you in person.

    <3 Maria

  14. Hey lovely lady, thanks for stopping by and following my blog, I am following you back...I'll be popping in for your next post... I just made a post...
    have a great eve

  15. Cute pair of Hello Kitty flats. Hee hee.

  16. hello, thanks for your comment :))))) it made me smile :)) i envy your skin, im not that fair :)
    followed you dear :)

    wild and fierce

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    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

  17. Lovely !
    Great post!

  18. HELLO KITTY! AH! AHH! SO CUTE! I am dyyyyying <3 Anisa


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