Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Magic of UKAY.. Love for Fashion

 I love thrifting, dresses, and models of different kinds. I love America’s Next Top Model. But seriously, I am not a walking model. I don’t follow trends, I follow my own style. My clothes usually portray who I want to be or feel like. 

Fashion bloggers, helps me portray my style and get appreciated by the people. Though I am not a fashion icon for I don’t post a lot and I don’t have a good photographer to take professional pictures of me, I get happy whenever I see comments in my blog entries from familiar and unfamiliar faces. They helped boost my confidence and I discovered that I have a voice in fashion as well.

 All are thrifted: Skirt, top, shoes and belt. Accessories: random


  1. Love your outfit, especially the skirt! :)It's been a while since my last ukay session.. Your post motivated me to take a trip to a thrift shop now.. ^^

  2. i admire the whole look. ukay ukay all the way. too bad i cant come up with the whole ukay ensemble coz I cant find a pair of shoes that'll fit me.

    <3 Maria

  3. i love the skirt! it's so vibrant

  4. So cuuuuuuuute! Love it!


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