Monday, February 27, 2012


Operating Room is our second home. Exhaustion becomes our way of life. We learn to eat when we can, drink when we can, sleep when we can and go to the bathroom when the opportunity arises. Almost everyday we encountered toxic cases, toxic patients, toxic doctors.. HA! but we love our job! 

 Oh well inside the OR, everyone has the same blue hair and we all wear masks. I just laugh when my co nurses in ward says: "Oh, I've never seen you in clothes before!" . Another is, "So that's what you look like with hair." You should see the looks you get from innocent bystanders when you are greeted this way.

But now....... browse the photos here and take a look........ 

Goodbye OR cap and mask

Goodbye Scrub Suits
 and Flats shoes

Goodbye Toxic hours!

 and Hellooooooooooooo OR fashionistas! 

Hello Dresses and Heels

Hello to a new day for us. Time to relax girls. Let's break a leg! 


So.. Fashion Divas.. RUN!!!
'Give way to the new and improved O.R. Nurses!!!'

Such a 'Dream Come True'.. I never thought that this plan (photo shoot) would be a 'Success' to everyone. My friend Sarah (wearing orange and pink) said: 'sobra sarap ng feeling nakakarelax.. Nag enjoy tlga ko Sittie salamat sa idea mong to' (Thank you Siitie, I really enjoyed this day.. It was very relaxing). I feel so happy that I had a chance to share my passion with my friends especially to all gorgeous OR ladies that I love the most. 

I'm not fashionista but I love dressing up.. Some says 'What do I get from it (dressing up, taking outfit photos, blogging).. hmp.. well I said: 'HAPPINESS' and 'to feel, to love, to inspire and be inspired; to have ambition; to fail; to rise once again; to laugh, fear, and run; to hide, to play, to express the self; all these things and more are what it means to be human. This is me. This is my life and this is my attempt to express it. My attempt to be human. 


  1. wonderful! i miss hospital duties and the friendships built because of it. gah. i wanna work in the hospital again nah =,(

  2. cool photos, Beautiful, I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back


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