Monday, March 5, 2012

People are so carayzeee

Can you imagine how people become crazy when they heard the word 'SALE'?????? Well actually I'm one of them.. hihi. =D My Bff Teesai and I, super love this last day Sale at Sm Pampanga. We bought our favorites for a low low price ever! And guess what?? I convinced her to buy her own lipglosssssss (swear she's not a girl who loves make up HAHA!). Im so happy to have a new 'Solemate' flats. As you can see that's included in our list. Lucky that we bought it super Sale!!!! Buy one take one for only 299php HA! I really enjoyed this day with my best. 

PS. to my bestfriend.. 

I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing. I wanted to thank you for everything you have ever done for me. You have always been there when I needed you, and you were always by my side when times got rough. I want to thank you for trusting me, and listening to me when I needed you to. I wanted to let you know that everything you do means a lot to me even though it seems as if most of it is trivial and stupid. I love you with all of my heart.. best friends forever! **muahugsssss**


  1. wonderful post! like your earings and your lipstick!
    maren anita

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  2. sales make us totally crazy :) but i admit that i love go shopping specially in sales haha.. xxx

  3. I love sales!!!^^
    i follow you too, sweetie ;)


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog *;* I ♥ your comment!
    I wish all the best to you and I hope you have a wonderful week!
    > <
    Ana, from Brazil.

  5. what a crazy place! hope you two got all the things from the list ;) btw, amazing blog, it's so original and creative ;) xoxo

  6. buy one take one for 299?? wow! great deal! gusto ko yun!

  7. Awe, look at those sequins! So pretty.

  8. The word SALE is magic, I tell you. Hahaha. Ey I love the photo with the little baby. She (or he?) looks pretty miffed ahahaha! I can just imagine what she's thinking. :)


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  9. Oh, I love solemate flats! I have 4 pairs of it. hahaha. Anyway, if you have time, Please do join my birthday giveaway ;p I'll see you on my blog. :)

  10. hey love. so glad I found your blog. I'm definitely following now. I can't wait to read more. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my blog. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo


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