Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goodbye fats carbs and sweets

Today was the most stressful day in my life. I can't talk to you every single details about it, but let me tell you one reason why I called it a 'stressful day'. Early morning I went back to my doctor to do some blood test. Sadly I was diagnosed as 'Diabetic'. My FBS result is 177mg/dl (normal is 105-110). We all know that this is not just a simple disease that can be cure, Diabetes is a 'lifelong disease'. I also have high cholesterol level that made my Mom worried about me. Well in a positive note, I feel so loved by my parents. I love Mom and Dad for supporting me. I love my friends. I love my Lord Jesus for making me happy despite of all the bad things happened to me this past few days.

BTW, will start Gym by tomorrow. And also DIABETIC DIET. Goodbye carbs, fatty foods, SWEET foods (OH Em Geee), =(  

Today I've learned that "Kung gusto mong makamit ang isang bagay, kaylangan mo munang masaktan" - Go for a healthy lifestyle. 

stockings: gift from bff Roxanne
Solemate Shoes: SM department Store
photos were taken at Baguio City


  1. Good luck with the diet, my aunty has diabetes and since she cut out sugar from her diet she's doing a lot better. I love your outfit. xo

  2. Love your pics, love this style!!

  3. Don't worry about being diabetic too much hun. Just be disciplined and eat what your body NEEDS in moderation. I come from a family of diabetics, and am almost sure I will get Type 2 diabetes because I have a strong genetic predisposition to it, not because I am fat. Some people never take care of their health or their weight and they don't develop diabetes because their genetic make up is different. Some people take very care good care of their health and weight and develop all sorts of illnesses. Whatever God has in store for us, will never be too much for us to bear. Just make healthy choices, listen to your body, keep a close watch on your sugar levels and your cholesterol and everything should work out just fine :D

  4. They say maintenance is the key on dealing with diabetes. We have the same comfy shoes from Solemate ;) Good luck on your diet! Stay Positive! :)


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