Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation Diary : Singapore, A Scrumptious Journey

Who has been to Singapore?
Earlier this year, I embarked on a long-awaited trip with my Sis to the lion city together with her friends Eula and Trixie. I promised to treat myself at the start of the year 2012 and Singapore was on top of my list. My sister has already visited the country so I decided to give it a go and have a look at one of Asia’s most exciting tourist destinations.
Before I began my journey, I planned out my itinerary and made careful research of the places that Sis Yesha and I are going to check out. Must see tourist spots include Marina Bay Sands hotel, Esplanade theater, the Merlion and Universal Studios.
To sum up the entirety of the trip, all I could say was whoa!!! The place was breathtaking!  For a small island of close to 700 sq km, Singapore is a mixture of a cosmopolitan, sophisticated city and quite a few well-preserved nature spots and reserves.
Hope you enjoy these silly and mouth-watering pictures me and my sister took, since we are, silly always-hungry sisters!

(photo by Trixie Blas)
                                                                                             (photo by Trixie Blas)

                                                                                               (photo by Trixie Blas)

Sorry for the photo overload.  My sister and I decided to indulge ourselves. We had a blast. Obviously. We had a great bonding together. We shared good foods. As in lots of food trips. Great shopping. Lots of walking. Lots of pictures. And of course, lots of laugh <3

It was hard for me to say “so long Singapore!” when I hopped on the plane on a flight back to my country. Well, bye for now SG. I can still see the lights of Marina Bay Sands flashing before my eyes.


  1. I can sure see in the pictures the adventures and fun you've had with your sis. So ganda talaga ng Singapore! :D

  2. wow! SG!!!! such a lovely trip you did!



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