Monday, August 27, 2012

My Blessed Weekend

Sorry for this late post. I just can't find an extra time to touch my laptop and make some blog. On a positive note, here's what I did last weekend to celebrate my off duty. I made my tummy happy, I watched comedy Movie, Ukaython (no.1 in my list) and last but not the least I went to church to thank HIM for all these blessings. Ohhhh BTW, my plans would not be possible with the help of my Bff Teesai. My best friends know that I can't do things ALONE. geeee.. ;) 

This is an example of 'Panic Buying' ... And I don't let anyone disturb me when I'm finding treasure, you can see it on my face. HAHA! 

After we watched 'The Reunion', we went to the Mall to take some pictures and make some lists of what we want to buy with our next salary. Weeeeee. 

And before our blessed weekend ends.. We went to church to Thank HIM for All the Blessings that we received today. I want to thank HIM for this one day that I had a chance to unwind. I am blessed. Thank you Lord. 

Dress: Ukay Saudi
Bag: borrowed from Sis
Necklace: gift from bff Teesai
Shoes: shoeetiquette

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