Friday, June 24, 2011

I want this, I want that

sneak peek into Miss Lissa Kahayon's closet

 Ever since that I've started to hooked on all fashion bloggers, I'm always dreaming and hoping to be like them someday. Their envious stuff, photography, dresses, shoes, earings, waaaah It's killing me. When I'm at the Mall or at the Thrift store, I'm always saying 'ohh I want this earings, It looks like earings of Miss Lissa' 'oohh I want that dress, It looks like dress of  Miss Denisse' 'oohh I want that shoes, It looks like shoes of Miss Krizzy Uy. Obviously  I'm a frustrated fashion blogger. 

Today, I'm planning to have an outfit post but sadly, I don't have a photographer with me. hihihi. So I decided to sleep all day, enjoy my off, drink a cup of hot choco and eat my favorite foods. Have a Nice Weekend Amigaz! Byeeeeeeeee 


  1. i want everything in these photos! following back girl, great blog! makes me want to do a closet post! :)

  2. @The Platinum Batch.. yes I wanna see your closet too, post it! hahaha


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