Thursday, June 23, 2011

Waiting for my prince

You're gonna kiss a lot of toads & follow some broken roads before u find your Prince..but it's worth it in The End. 
Am a little princess waiting for my prince to rescue my lonely heart. Am a princess that loves ruffles, peticots, ribbons, curlers and anything that is girly. In this photo I'm wearing a thrifted dress, Bag from Mom, my lovely shoes from Primadona and earings from Geneieve

Hello prince I'm still waiting for you. I believe in the saying: 'Good things happen for those who WAIT'


  1. he'll arrive soon teh, stay put ka lang, hehe

  2. Cute dress! Suits you well. :)

  3. @roxanne.. I can't wait teh hahahaha

    @daphne.. Thank you so much, am a follower of yours


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